Complementary beverages

This is just a random thought based on a fantasy. No truthful content here.

Here's the idea. I love green tea, especially the Longjing (Dragon Well) varieties and I love red wine, especially that from pinot noir grapes. However, I don't love the effects of caffeine or the effects of alcohol. That is, I wish there were a way to nullify or to eliminate the effects of caffeine and alcohol from the body.

Sure, they have no-caffeine green tea and no-alcohol red wine. The problem is, they don't taste or feel right. They are both reminiscent of the real thing, but not good enough really to enjoy on any kind of regular basis.

My wife and I were discussing how green tea is a great part of the morning and red wine is a great part of the evening. This dichotomy is partially due to the effects of alcohol and caffeine, in that alcohol interferes with thought and movement but in moderation can facilitate rest and sleep, while caffeine just does the opposite.

The complementary effects of the psychoactive components of these two beverages is what gave rise to the fantasy that through selective breeding, a variety of pinot noir grape could be developed that in addition to everything else, contained a healthy dose of the enzyme that the body uses to break down caffeine and eliminate it. Similarly, a variety of longjing tea might be developed that would contain the enzyme that breaks down and eliminates alcohol. This is completely imaginary, but it could be really excellent if it were true.

One could enjoy a second or even third cup of green tea in the morning, and if the unpleasant effects of too much caffeine began to be felt, counter them with, say, a little cheese and a glass of Burgundy wine. Later on in the day, if after a bit too much wine with dinner one began to feel a bit out of it, a cup of longjing tea would set things straight.

It's a bit like Alice's two famous pills, one for growing, one for shinking. I suppose the challenge would be to get the balance exactly where you want it, depending on one's mood and the time of day.