Previous blogs and question: What to do?

I just did some googling on "random philosophizing", and discovered to my chagrin that there is already a blog here called "Crazy Willie's Random Philosophizing". It is well-established, while mine has been here for only two days. Should I change the name of mine? Or should I continue with its original name?

I feel like Laura Bush with her $8000 de la Renta gown that was worn by two or three other women at the same gathering. Quel ennui.

The problem is that I have used the "random philosophizing" tag in a number of diaries on dailykos.com over the past year to year and a half. Those can be read by going to my dKos page. I have slowed down my blogging there because the dKos administration seemed to be getting a little too bureaucratic for my tastes; the current blog page is an expression of the same desire to air my r-phizing that I had exercised on dKos. I've sort of gotten used to the phrase as a description of my blogging efforts.

I suppose that I'll just let Crazy Willie decide--if he should happen to notice my blog and object, then he can contact me in the comments and let me know. I'll change the title if I have to, or in any case, if I should happen to think of a better title in the interim.

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